REEL 2012

Shot breakdown Reel.

1. Kinder Barbie - Mompozt: environment modeling and assets, rigging, animation of elements, mechanical arms, and two characters, which is pushing a container, and is startled to see the camera.

2. Galletas Festival - Mompozt: Modeling and texturing of girl and boy, help with some textures.

3. Personal Shot: Animation

4. Alquería digestive - Mompozt: Character animation in the second row.

5. Vaca Ola - Mompozt: Final 3D model of the wave of milk.

6. Fruper Lanzachorros - Mompozt: Modeling and texturing environment.

7. Gansito - Mompozt: Modeling and texturing of cooks, textured help of some machines and optimization of the scenes.